Acrylic-Glass Mounted Prints

A custom 43
A custom 43" x 108" Lumachrome print of "Ama Dablam Reflection B&W" hanging in a home in Kirkland, Washington.

Imagine a traditional glass-framed fine art print hanging on the wall - but without the matte and without the frame, just the glass with the print behind it! This is what the acrylic-glass mounting looks like.

Acrylic-glass mounted prints are renowned for being the premier print display style, and my Lumachrome® fine art prints raise the bar even higher for extraordinary image quality, with unsurpassed image sharpness and detail, a broad color gamut that accurately renders bright highlights as well as clear shadow detail, and a metallic sheen which gives the colors a radiant luminosity. These qualities give the prints an extraordinary clarity, vividness, and the most lifelike appearance of any print method I've ever seen.

The print is mounted face-first onto a 1/8" museum-grade, uv-protected, scratch-resistant acrylic glass. I now use a special type of acrylic glass called Trulife® acrylic glass which cuts out unwanted reflections by about 30% or more compared to normal acrylic glass, allowing you to better view the print imagery without distraction. The backside of the print is backed by a stiff, 1/4", black, acid-free substrate.

A robust inset floating frame and french-cleat hanging system is attached to the back, so that the print floats 3/4" - 1.25" off of the wall (depending on the print size; really large prints require the thicker float frame).

Although the Lumachrome/Trulife-glass mounted prints are significantly more expensive than my other mounting styles, they provide the absolute premier stunning image quality and elegant display style.

Senator Bennet and Sneffels print
Colorado's US Senator Michael Bennet shows off his 40" x 50" Acrylic print of "Sneffels Range Autumn" hanging in his Washington D.C. office in 2017.

Delivery Timeframe

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and delivery of the Lumachrome prints. Shipping is free!

International Variation

* International Acrylic-glass mounted print orders feature slightly different materials: a fine art ink print rather than the Lumachrome print, and a different brand of acrylic glass. The print quality is still supreme and shipping is still free.

Acrylic Glass mounted print
A 15" x 30" acrylic-glass mounted print of "Snowmass Lake Reflection Panorama"
Corner detail of a Lumachrome TruLife Acrylic-Glass mounted print
The Lumachrome print is mounted between TruLife Acrylic glass and a black Komatex backer.