ArtBoard Matte Prints

Dibond mounted print
A close-up corner view of a 16" x 20" dibond mounted print of "Sneffels Range Autumn"

This is the holy grail of ready-to-hang matte prints! I love the look, clarity, and anti-reflective qualities of matte prints but the problem is how to display them? Most matte laminates end up looking dull and flat, and framing them behind glass negates their wonderful anti-reflectivity. But recently I've discovered this gorgeous print display style that solves these issues, and I am thrilled to now offer this beautiful ready-to-hang matte print option.

This print style starts with a fine art paper print with a subtle metallic sheen, which is then covered and protected with a smooth matte surface laminate. The paper has a reflective quality that gives the colors an attractive luminosity and radiance, while the matte finish gives the print surface a soft and natural character.

The matte laminate also has the absolute best reflection and glare control of any protected print surface I've seen, while still maintaining excellent image clarity and vibrant color. The matte surface completely eliminates reflections and shows almost no glare, allowing you to see and enjoy the clarity of the entire image even in the brightest conditions. Therefore, these Dibond-mounted prints are an excellent choice for a bright room with large windows, especially for large prints sizes up to 48" x 96".

The print is mounted on a thin, lightweight, rigid dibond substrate (a hard plastic core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum). The print floats 3/4" off the wall, with a recessed wooden float frame and easy-to-hang wire hanger.

Delivery Timeframe

Please allow 2 weeks for production and delivery of ArtBoard prints. Shipping is free in the United States!

International Shipping Fees

* International orders for ArtBoard prints outside of the United States require a shipping fee; please contact me for an international shipping quote.