Maglič & Trnovacko Jezero, Bosnia and Montenegro - July 2015

For the first mountain adventure of our Bosnia/Montenegro trip, Claudia and I went backpacking for two nights at Trnovacko Lake along the border of Bosnia and Montenegro. The lake itself is located on the Montenegro side of the border, but is only accessible via Sutjeska National Park on the Bosnian side. Sure enough, while we were camped there a warden came by to check our passports, which is kind of a novel thing to have happen while backpacking!

Trnovacko,Maglič, Montenegro, Bosnia, Dinaric Alps, Maglic, photo

Sunset at Trnovacko Jezero

Sunset light on Maglic and nearby mountains, as seen at Trnovacko Lake, in Montenegro just across the border from Bosnia.

Bosnia,Dinaric Alps,Montenegro,Trnovacko, photo

A foggy morning at Trnovacko Jezero.

Trnovacko Jezero, hiker, Montenegro, Bosnia,Dinaric Alps, photo

A hiker enjoys the view above Trnovacko Jezero, in Montenegro not far from the border of Bosnia.

The heart-shaped, emerald-colored Trnovacko Lake provides a great base camp for hiking up Maglic (pronounced Mag-leech), the highest mountain of Bosnia. From the summit we had a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and canyons, including the neighboring Durmitor mountains to the south (our next destination).

Maglič, Bosnia, Dinaric Alps, Montenegro, wildflowers, Maglic, photo

Maglic Wildflowers

Maglič (2397 m / 7864 ft) is the highest peak in Bosnia, though the summit is actually right along the border of Bosnia and Montenegro.

Maglič, hiking ,Maglic, Montenegro, Bosnia,Dinaric Alps, photo

Hiking back from the summit of Maglič.

Trnovacko, Montenegro, photo

Celebrating the views high above Trnovacko Lake near the border of Bosnia and Montenegro.

Trnovacko, Montenegro, hiking, photo

Hiking above Trnovacko Lake.

Trnovacko, Montenegro, photo

Sharing some Bosnian Blatina wine at Trnovacko Lake. Gotta love the cheesy cheers selfies!

It was a fantastic first outing here; our expectations were blown away and we were filled with excitement for further adventures in other beautiful ranges along the Dinaric Alps, which I will be posting about soon.