Glossy Metal Prints

Metal print in the Imogene Hotel in Ouray, Colorado.
24" x 96" metal print of Paintbrush Sunrise Panorama hanging in the Imogene Hotel in Ouray, Colorado.

Metal prints are another unique and attractive display option that I offer. The photo is infused onto a thin, rigid aluminum sheet with a glossy finish that provides vivid colors with excellent clarity, high contrast, and an extraordinary depth of imagery.

Unlike all my other display options which involve a mounted fine art ink print, the metal prints involve an entirely different dye sublimation printing technique. With this innovative technique, dyes are applied onto a ChromaLuxe polyester coated sheet of aluminum then baked in a high pressure heat press. The dyes sublimate from a solid to a gaseous state and permeate into the surface where they solidify in the polyester coating. The image is thus suspended in the surface of the print rather than simply on top of it, giving the metal prints a remarkable sense of depth.

With that sense of depth and deep dark blacks and vibrant colors, the glossy metal prints are very eye-catching, impressive prints - so lusciously glossy that they almost seem to be dripping wet!

Unmounted metal prints are prone to bending in the corners during shipping or storage, but my metal prints are mounted on 1/8" dibond backing substrate for significant added rigidity and durability. The print is then mounted with a 3/4"-deep recessed float hanger, so the print appears to float off of the wall with no hanging system visible.

Metal prints have become quite popular in the last decade or so, but it's important to mention that the print quality can range from gallery-quality fine art to cheap factory-line knockoffs with subpar quality control. Sadly it has become all too common for cheap print companies to ship metal prints with blurry detail, weird color shifts, and other print defects. I have tested many metal prints from many different print labs, and I am confident that the metal printers I work with are the best of the best.

Delivery Timeframe

Please allow 2 weeks for production and delivery of your metal print. Shipping is free in the United States!

International Shipping Fees

* International orders for Bamboo-mounted outside of the United States require a shipping fee; please contact me for an international shipping quote.

Chromaluxe Metal Print with Dibond Backer
Chromaluxe Metal Print with Dibond Backer