Trip Reports: Skiing La Sals, Utah - April 2008

This weekend I met up with Ann Driggers and Seth Anderson, some new ski buddies I met through, to ski some lines in the La Sal Mountains in Utah. The La Sals rise 8,700 vertical feet above the city of Moab and all the surrounding canyonlands. I was excited not only to check out a new mountain range, but to snowboard down some of these lofty desert peaks that I’ve gazed up at so many times from the canyonlands far below.

The La Sals were also a good choice for this time of year because the snow there has already settled into a solid springtime snowpack, unlike the snowpack here in the San Juans, which is still transitioning from winter.

skiing, Mount Tukuhnikivatz, La Sal Mountains, Moab, Utah, April, Tuk, photo

Skiing the "Tuklear Reaction" on Mount Tukuhnikivatz - April.

Manns Peak, La Sals, ski traverse, Utah, photo

Ann Driggers skis down Manns Peak during a 12-mile ski traverse over 4 peaks in the North La Sal Mountains in Utah. Check out the full trip report with lots of photos here.

Mount Tukuhnikivatz, La Sal Mountains, Moab, Utah, photo

Ann Driggers hikes up the summit ridgeline of Mount Tukuhnikivatz, in the La Sal Mountains high above Moab and the canyonlands - April. Check out the trip report here.