Summer Green in the San Juans

July 2019  |  San Juan Mountains, Colorado

After the enormous winter of 2018-2019 in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, by the end of July the snowpack has finally melted off enough to call it summertime in the alpine now. Last weekend we hiked a very pleasant three-day shuttle route through the vibrant green mountains west of Silverton.

Colorado, Jack, San Juan Mountains, Seek Outside, photo

Testing out a Seek Outside prototype pack in the mountains west of Silverton, Colorado. I'm super excited for this new line of packs to hit the market hopefully later this year!

Animas Mountain, Colorado, Needle Mountains, North Twilight Peak, San Juan Mountains, Twilight Peak, Weminuche Wilderness, West Needle Mountains, sunset, photo

Sunset light on North Twilight Peak (center), Twilight Peak (right), and Animas Mountain (distant left). 

Colorado, Engineer Mountain, San Juan Mountains, sunrise, photo

Sunrise on Engineer Mountain (12,968 ft.).

Colorado, Engineer Mountain, San Juan Mountains, photo

Looking down into the rugged and crumbly north face of Engineer Mountain.

Colorado, Engineer Mountain, Grizzly Peak, San Juan Mountains, photo

The mighty Grizzly Peak (13,738 ft.) is one of the more obscure yet dominating peaks in the western San Juans.

Colorado, San Juan Mountains, trail, wildflowers, photo

A trail through a wildflower filled meadow.

Our trail took us through miles of gorgeous green mountainside meadows just starting to pop with wildflowers. Combined with the clear air, puffy clouds, and almost complete lack of mosquitos (as opposed to our previous trek in the Uintas), we were feeling perfectly elated, walking through paradise on Earth.

Colorado, Grizzly Peak, San Juan Mountains, hiking, photo

Hiking towards Grizzly Peak.

Colorado, Grizzly Peak, San Juan Mountains, reflection, sunrise, photo

Dawn glow illuminates Grizzly Peak.

I'm already excited for the next trip!

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