Trip Reports: Autumn In The Wasatch, Utah - October 2009

I spent a long weekend in Utah this October, and had a good time photographing the eastern side of the Wasatch Range in the area between Midway and Sundance, in the foothills below Mount Timpanagos.  Though I wasn't there for the prime aspen colors, there were some really colorful oak and maples, and I also lucked out with some cold weather and fresh snowfalls.

Wasatch, Utah, Cascade Springs, autumn, photo

Utah Reds

Rastafarian autumn colors near Cascade Springs in the eastern foothills of the Wasatch Range of Utah - October.  Cascade Mountain rises in the background. Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer.

Timpanogos, North Peak, Wasatch, Utah, photo

Timp Autumn Snow

The North Peak of Mount Timpanogos, smothered in fresh October snow. Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer.

aspens, Wasatch Range, Utah, snow, october, photo

Snow Smothered Aspens

Aspen trees caked with fresh snow on a cold October morning. Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer.

Mt. Timpanagos, Sundance, autumn, Utah, Wasatch, photo

Colorful Sundance

A snow covered ridge of Mt. Timpanogos rises above a colorful autumn forest near Sundance, Utah - October. Photo © copyright by Jack Brauer.

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