A Year in the Cascades

2001-2002  |  Washington Cascades

After graduating college in 2001, I moved to Washington state where I lived in Seattle for the summer, being unemployed and backpacking and exploring the great Cascade range as often as I could. During the winter I lived up near Stevens Pass where I worked at the ski resort and had the best winter of snowboarding in my life!

This was a period of time when I was just beginning to get more into photography. These photos were taken with an early generation 2mp digital camera; unfortunately the low resolution and poor quality makes most of these photos unsuitable for printing, but they still bring back fond memories of this time for me.

Glacier Peak Blues
Washington Cascades
Rainier Alpenglow
Washington Cascades
Rainier Reflection
Washington Cascades
Brothers Waterfall
Olympic Peninsula
Snowking's Lakes
North Cascades, Washington
Stevens Night
Washington Cascades
Glacier Peak Sunset
Washington Cascades
Snow Blobs
Stevens Pass, Washington
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