Print mounting comparisons

I offer a variety of professional print mounting options. To make it easier to decide what mounting option to choose, listed below are the key differences between the various print display options.

 Fine Art Print (Print Only)Duraplaq MountingAcrylic-Glass Mounting
Gallery-worthy image quality? Yes, all my prints and display options offer stunning image quality, with vibrant colors and excellent clarity and contrast. The differences mainly come down to preference of display style and surface finish.
Ready to hang? No, must be taken to your local frame shop Yes Yes
Hanging method - French-cleat French-cleat
Hanging style - Flush against the wall Floats 3/4" off the wall
Surface finish Semi-gloss Semi-matte Glossy
When framed behind glass, reflections can be an issue around bright windows. No reflections; diffused glare As with all prints displayed behind glass, reflections can be an issue around bright windows.
Archival qualities Acid-free paper, must be framed for protection Acid-free,
UV protected,
UV protected,
Recommended print sizes Any size Any size, but great for large prints because the glare-reduction finish allows you to see the whole image clearly in any lighting condition, and the 1" depth of the mount gives a more substantial feel. Any size
How to Clean? When framed behind glass, with regular glass cleaner like Windex With a soft rag and regular glass cleaner like Windex Care must be taken to avoid scratching the glossy surface. I recommend using a specialty cleaner such as Brillianize, along with a micro-fiber cloth.
Order fulfillment timeframe
U.S. and Canada
2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
Order fulfillment timeframe
1-2 weeks (within Europe)
3-4 weeks (outside Europe)
not available 3-4 weeks
Shipping Cost FREE FREE
U.S. and Canada only
Bottom line Fine Art Prints
(Print Only)
My heavyweight, semi-gloss prints are of the highest quality - perfect for those who prefer the traditional look and personal options of custom framing.
Duraplaq Mounting:
My most popular display option. With its semi-matte surface, a great option for large sized prints or for prints hung in bright rooms or high- traffic public areas. Much less expensive than traditional framing.
Acrylic-Glass Mounting:
If you love shiny, glossy prints, this is the option for you. A stunning modern alternative to traditional glass framing. More expensive but these have an image quality and depth that can't be beat.