Mountains of the World Screensaver

Mountains of the World Screensaver

This downloadable screensaver application for Mac or Windows features over 200 high resolution photos by Colorado photographer Jack Brauer. He has handpicked a collection of his best mountain photos from around the world, from mountain ranges in countries including the United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Nepal, New Zealand, and more.

Each photo is sized up to 2400 x 1800 pixels, so they will look great on all monitors. Dual monitor setups are supported.

Update for 2023: Unfortunately these screensavers are no longer supported or available for purchase.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) to 13.0 (Ventura)
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo or later (core i3, 1.5GHz or greater recommended) or M1 (Apple Silicon)
  • GPU: Dedicated or Integrated with 128MB VRAM and support for WebGL 1.1
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended).
  • Disk: 250MB free disk space.
  • Software: all current updates. Safari (WebKit) must be updated to version 11.1.2 or higher.


  • Windows 10 or 11 (32 or 64 bit) fully updated (through version 22H1): supported
  • Windows 7, 8, or 8.1: support depends on the hardware and software of the individual machine and can not be guaranteed, but most content will work as expected. See this Technical note about Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 support.
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo or later (core i3 1.5GHz or greater recommended)
  • RAM: 2GB RAM or more
  • Disk: 250MB free disk space
  • Software Update: fully updated Internet Explorer 11 engine with JavaScript enabled. IE must be at patch level 11.0.110 or higher.
  • GPU: Dedicated or Integrated with 128MB VRAM, with vendor-specific Video drivers.

Mac Installation

Super easy to install and uninstall. After downloading the screensaver, click on the installer application to open it then follow the simple directions from there. Have fun!

* If you see a popup warning that the Installation app "cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified", you can ignore and bypass this warning (You can trust me; I am a photographer, not a hacker and I assure you there is no malware in this screensaver app!) To bypass the warning, you can simply right-click on the installer icon and choose "open", or hold down the control key while clicking the icon and choose "open". There will then be a new window with the "open" button enabled.

Windows Installation

Windows users may encounter a few additional steps during installation. Here are the common issues:

  1. Your Anti Virus software might block the screensaver installation. Read how to enable the screensaver in your Anti-Virus software here.
  2. Video Drivers - this is mainly an issue for windows PCs, where the built in Microsoft video drivers are sometimes very slow. Updating to the proper vendor-supplied drivers can make a 50x improvement or more. For tips, see How to update Video Drivers.

* If you see a popup warning saying something like "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?", you can ignore and bypass this warning by clicking "Run" or "Run Anyway" - these buttons may be located under an "Actions" or "More Options" button. (You can trust me; I am a photographer, not a hacker and I assure you there is no malware in this screensaver app!)


If you have any troubles installing or running the software or any other questions, please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Purchase & Download Now

Click the button below to purchase the screensaver, then you will receive an email with links to download the screensaver installer for Mac or Windows. The download links are valid for one week from purchase, so please download it within that timeframe.

Update for 2023: Unfortunately these screensavers are no longer supported or available for purchase.

Photos included in the Screensaver

Cerro Torre Reflection
Chaltén Towers
Monte Fitz Roy Alpenglow
Mt. Whitney
Holy Cross Alpenglow
Plitvice Waterfalls
Pala Reflection
Misurina Wildflowers
Pihavec Alpenglow
Gozd Martuljek
Triglav Sunset
Dawn at the Diamond
Timpanogos Sage
Stroud Peak Sunlight
Tetons Alpenglow
Misty Teton Reflection
Sneffels Range Autumn
San Juan Sunrise
Cuernos del Paine rise more than 8,000 vertical feet straight above Lago Nordenskjold in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.
Chaltén Moonlight
Sunrise on Sunlight
Mount Cook Mist
Carrington Peak
Mackinnon Pass
Arctic Alpenglow
Midnight Dusk
Sunnmøre Sunset
Stetind Reflection
Lyngen Fireweed
Trollveggen Dawn
Trollveggen Mist
Reine Panorama
Lofoten Night
Lofoten Sunset
Reine Reflection
Teton Moonlight
Grand Sunrise
Grand Teton Aerial #1
Jirishanca Stars
Jirishanca Sunset
Siula Dusk
Carhuacocha Sunset
Storm King Sunrise
Dragonsback Sunset
Capitol Peak Sunset
Sawtooth Sunset
Misty Cimon della Pala
Pala in the Clouds
Mürren Panorama
Eiger after Sunset
Grindelwald and Wetterhorn
Schauinsland Sunset
Ruchstock Moonlight
Hahnen Moon
Matterhorn Moonlight
Matterhorn Moonset
Matterhorn Alpenglow
Konkordia Moonlight
Snowmass Lake Alpenglow Reflection
Sundial Sunset
Laguna Lejia Dawn
Cerro Toco Summit Sunset
Parinacota Dawn Reflection
Cotacotani Dusk
Cerro La Junta
Fitz Roy Sunrise #2
Salar de Aguas Calientes
Las Torres Moonlight
Cuernos Moonrise
Laguna Martillo Sunset
Gabriel's Lengas
Aconcagua Dawn
Parinacota Sunset Panorama
Griessental Sunset Panorama
Grand Teton Sunrise Reflection
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone #1
Pyramid Peak Sunrise
Mountain Goat Watcher
Grenadier Sunrise Reflection #2
Chimney Rock Sunset
Alpenglow on Mt. Sneffels
Mindelheimer Klettersteig Trail
Hochalpsee Sunset
Dremelspitze Reflection
Memminger Sunset
The Hills Are Alive
Enrosadira Reflection
Tre Cime Dawn
Vajolet Towers Sunset
Zugspitze Summit Sunset
Lac Gentau Reflection
Sunrise Over Lescun
Bunes Morning
Grenadiers Above the Clouds
Wildflowers in the Cirque of the Towers
Cathedral Sunset Reflection
Mount Hooker Paintbrush
Desolation Sunset
Lobuche Reflection
Gokyo Moon
Everest Dusk
Everest Sunset
Ama Dablam Morning
Ama Dablam Alpenglow Reflection
Ama Dablam Clouds
Taboche Peak Sunset
Tengboche Night
Annapurna Sunrise
Machhapuchhre Revealed
Railay Sunset
Stars Over Wetterhorn
Cosmic Sneffels
Alice Lake Sunrise #2
Jack and Aoraki
Ropojana Valley
Maglic Wildflowers
Sunset at Trnovacko Jezero
Bobotov Kuk Panorama
Wildflowers and Bobotov Kuk
Maja Jezerce Sunrise
Sunrise Above Valbona
Jezerce Spires
Fitz Roy Clouds
Spine Mountain
Mountain of Dreams
Notch Peak Storm
Eagle Falls Sunrise
Trillium Duck
Mount Olympus Sunset
Bears Breast Sunshine
Spade Lake Morning
Lakes of Paradise
Height of the Rockies Sunset Panorama
Mount Temple View
Pinnacle Mountain Panorama
Tent Over Kaskawulsh
Denali View
Grizzly Lake Aurora
Tombstone Mountain Sunset
Tombstone Sunset Reflection
Divide Lake Sunrise
Mount Robson Sunset Panorama
Mount Robson Glacier Sunrise
Misty Engalm
Wilder Kaiser Sunset Panorama
Watzmann Sunrise
Berchtesgaden Sunrise
Hoher Dachstein Sunrise
Crestone Needle Sunrise Light
Sunrise on Humboldt Peak
Bluebird Lone Eagle
Red Rock Canyon Sunrise
Kofa Sunrise
Misty Macchu Picchu
Ausangate Dusk Reflection
Ausangate Sunrise Reflection
Pucacocha Alpacas
Pucacocha Sunset Light
Trinity Peak Sunrise
Monte Disgrazia Autumn Reflection
Bacun Dawn Reflection
Diavolezza Galaxy
Jungfrau Sunset Panorama
Bachsee Sunrise Reflection
Jungfrau in the Clouds
Turtle Mountains Sunrise
Cathedral Rock Dusk Glow
Sneffels Starlight
Wetterhorn in Candyland
Wetterhorn Peak Sunset #3
Cook Lake Dawn Reflection
Blue Symmetry
Titcomb Lakes
Monte Pelmo Dusk
Civetta Sunset
Autumn at Lago Sorapiss
Dawn Larch Reflection
Giau Glow
San Sophia Stars
Gladstone Earthshadow Panorama
Glacier Peak Sunset Panorama
Sunrise at Image Lake
Glacier Peak Mist
Moon, Mountain, and Mercury
San Miguel Sunset
Highline Sunset Panorama
Dusk in the The Needles
High Mojave Sunrise
Frosty Sneffels
Tuk Sunset
Pigeon Peak Dusk