Fine Art Mountain Prints

Please note that the deadline for Christmas print orders has passed. Prints may still be ordered, but they will most likely arrive after Christmas. Thank you and happy holidays!

Prints at the Skol Gallery, Ouray, Colorado
99% of my print customers purchase their prints online through this website. Ordering online is safe and secure, shipping is free, and quality is guaranteed!

I am proud to offer beautiful photographic fine art prints of the highest quality. With high archival ratings that will last for many decades, these stunning, museum-quality prints showcase a vibrant range of colors and an incredible amount of detail - far greater than what you see in the web sized images on the website.

I offer several unique archival, ready-to-hang display options, which are clean and modern-looking alternatives to traditional framing. ArtPlaq mounting is my most popular display option - an affordable, glass-free, wood-mounted and UV laminated style which eliminates reflections and is easy to clean. The glossy Metal prints are crowd pleasers and my all-around personal favorite, with their luscious depth of imagery. Last but certainly not least, my Lumachrome Trulife-glass mounted prints offer the absolute ultimate luxury fine art display quality.

I guarantee the high quality of all of my prints. The prints are packaged securely and will arrive within 3-4 weeks or sooner, with free shipping in the US and Canada, and free international shipping for print-only, Acrylic-glass-mounted prints, and Metal prints.

Not sure about ordering artwork online? Check out my print collector testimonials below. My prints have been purchased by satisfied customers in all of the lower 48 United States and a dozen countries.

You can order prints on this website, directly from each photo's page in the galleries.

ArtPlaq Mounted Prints

My most popular display option (also known as "DuraPlaq" or "ColorBox" mounting). The print is professionally mounted on a sturdy 3/8" high density, eco-friendly, smooth HDF wood substrate which is coated on both sides with an acid-free and moisture resistant barrier to prevent warping or discoloration. The print surface is sealed with a special fine-art-grade satin semi-gloss laminate, which eliminates unwanted reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast, and makes it UV, water, and fingerprint resistant.

The mount is finished with a beveled 1"-thick black edge, resulting in an elegant, modern, and durable print display that hangs flush against the wall using an easy-to-hang french cleat system.

ArtPlaq Mounted Print
A 15" x 30" ArtPlaq mounted print of "Snowmass Lake Reflection Panorama"
[+] View it larger

A big advantage of this mounting style is that the laminate has a semi-gloss finish which eliminates reflections, enabling easy viewing of large prints, even in bright rooms with harsh lighting - a situation in which prints are almost impossible to see clearly with normal glass frames because of the reflections. Indeed, the ArtPlaq mounted prints seem to soak up light and glow with color.

Upon request I can also produce the ArtPlaqs with a matte laminate that has no reflections or even glare whatsoever, which would be a good option for a really bright room with enormous windows. Just keep in mind that the matte finish requires good direct lighting or else the image can look a bit flat or dull compared to the normal semi-gloss laminate.

No reflections print mounting
A 40"x40" print of "Tetons Cascade Creek". This print is hanging in a bright room opposite large wall- sized windows, yet the laminate cuts the glare making the print easy to view from all angles.
Colorful Prints for Office or Home
A 46"x36" print of "Ice Lakes Basin Reflection". My large format prints add a lot of color to a room.

Professional fine art print mounting
A close-up of the mounting edge style. The print is mounted on a 1"-deep black box frame, and hangs flush against the wall.

ArtPlaq mounted prints are easy to take care of; you can clean them with ammonia-free or alcohol-free glass cleaner and a soft rag.

* International orders for ArtPlaq prints require a shipping fee; please contact me for an international shipping quote.

Lumachrome® Trulife® Acrylic-Glass Mounted Prints

Imagine a traditional glass-framed fine art print hanging on the wall - but without the matte and without the frame, just the glass with the print behind it! This is what the Acrylic-glass mounting looks like.

Lumachrome® fine art prints raise the bar for extraordinary image quality, with unsurpassed image sharpness and detail, a broad color gamut that accurately renders bright highlights as well as clear shadow detail, and a subtle metallic sheen which gives the colors a radiant luminosity. These qualities give the prints an extraordinary clarity, vividness, and the most lifelike appearance of any print method I've ever seen.

The print is mounted face-first onto a 1/8" museum-grade, uv-protected, scratch-resistant acrylic glass. I now use a special type of acrylic glass called Trulife® acrylic glass which cuts out unwanted reflections by about 50% or more compared to normal acrylic glass, allowing you to view the print imagery without distraction. The backside of the print is backed by a stiff, 1/4", black, acid-free substrate.

A robust inset floating frame and french-cleat hanging system is attached to the back, so that the print floats 1.25" off of the wall.

Acrylic Glass mounted print
A 15" x 30" acrylic-glass mounted print of "Snowmass Lake Reflection Panorama"
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Although the Lumachrome/Trulife-glass mounted prints are significantly more expensive than my other mounting styles, they provide the absolute premier stunning image quality and elegant display style.

Senator Bennet and Sneffels print
Colorado's US Senator Michael Bennet shows off his 40" x 50" Acrylic print of "Sneffels Range Autumn" hanging in his Washington D.C. office.

* International Acrylic-glass mounted print orders feature slightly different materials: a Fujiflex photo paper rather than the Lumachrome, and a different brand of acrylic glass. The print quality is still supreme and shipping is still free; but, if you would prefer the American-made Lumachrome version, please contact me for a shipping quote.

Glossy Metal Prints

Metal Print
16" x 20" Metal print of "Fiery Dunes Sunset"

Metal prints are another unique and attractive display option that I offer. The photo is infused onto a thin, rigid aluminum sheet with a glossy finish that provides vivid colors with excellent clarity, high contrast, and an extraordinary depth of imagery. The metal prints are mounted on recessed 3/4"-deep float mount, so the print appears to float off of the wall with no hanging system visible.

Unlike all my other display options which involve a mounted fine art ink print, the metal prints involve an entirely different dye sublimation printing technique. With this innovative technique, dyes are applied onto a ChromaLuxe polyester coated sheet of aluminum then baked in a high pressure heat press. The dyes sublimate from a solid to a gaseous state and permeate into the surface where they solidify in the polyester coating. The image is thus suspended in the surface of the print rather than simply on top of it, giving the metal prints a remarkable sense of depth.

With that sense of depth and deep dark blacks and vibrant colors, the glossy metal prints are very eye-catching, impressive prints - so lusciously glossy that they almost seem to be dripping wet!

Fine Art Prints for Framing

For those who prefer traditional framed prints, I offer high quality, fine art giclee prints featuring vivid, color-accurate ink pigments on heavyweight Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag fine art paper with a finely textured, satin surface. The prints have a white border around the image to allow easy matting and framing. With high archival ratings, these prints will last for many decades without fading.

For shipping, these prints are protected by sheets of acid-free paper and are rolled around the outside of a tube, which is then placed in a waterproof plastic bag and securely packaged inside an outer box.

Because these prints are not mounted or laminated, great care must be taken when handling them to avoid any damage due to fingerprints, moisture, or creasing. I recommend wearing rubber or linen gloves while handling the prints. Due to the difficulty of repackinging these prints properly, I recommend taking the unopened package directly to your local frame shop instead of opening them and trying to repackage them. Or, I can also ship them directly to your frame shop if you'd prefer.

If you are interested in purchasing a ready-to-hang print whether for yourself or as a gift, please consider one of the mounted options described above which are equally if not more impressive and usually more economical compared to the cost of framing.

* International loose print orders are made with Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper rather than the Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag paper. These two papers have very similar qualities, but the Hahnemühle has slightly more surface texture. Shipping is free.

Can't Decide Which Print Style to Order?

All my print display styles are impressive, elegant, and beautiful. They all have nearly-equally vivid image quality, clarity, and contrast. So the choice mainly involves your preferences of the surface glossiness and the mounting presentation on the wall.

The biggest difference in my print style options is the ultra-glossy versus satin semi-gloss surface. The ultra-glossy print options (Metal & Acrylic) are definitely crowd-pleasers and have (arguably) a bit more of an immediate "wow" factor due to the luscious, shiny surface which gives them a gem-like appeal. But the satin semi-gloss finish of the ArtPlaqs showcases equally vivid image quality and contrast, with the added benefit of eliminating reflections.

The anti-reflective characteristic of the ArtPlaq's satin surface laminate enables you to see the entire image scene without distracting reflections, which makes the ArtPlaqs a great choice for big prints hanging in rooms with large, bright windows - a situation where reflections can potentially be problematic with glossy prints.

If you are an art collector who prefers the absolute highest image quality available, the Lumachrome/Trulife Acrylic prints are the best of the best - truly a sight to behold.

Sometimes I am asked which display option is my personal favorite. If I had the budget for it I'd go for the Lumachrome/Trulife Acrylic prints without hesitation. But because of price concerns the decision usually narrows to the ArtPlaq vs. Metal prints. For large prints in a bright sunlit room, I'd choose the ArtPlaq option for sure. But otherwise it mainly comes down to personal preference between the ultra-glossy/shiny Metal print surface vs. the satin semi-gloss finish of the ArtPlaqs. If I'm forced to choose, I guess I'd say that personally I prefer the more natural looking satin surface of the ArtPlaq prints, although the glossy Metal prints are so striking that's it's a very tough call!

Canvas Prints

Despite their popularity, I don't offer canvas prints through my website because frankly they just can't compete with the image quality and elegant display presentation of my other display options. That said, I do realize that some people prefer the look and texture of canvas wraps, so I offer them by special request. The canvas prints I provide are the highest quality canvas prints money can buy. The canvas is actually mounted on a backing board which keeps the surface stiff and flat, preventing the sagging that can happen in cheaper canvas prints over time. By default the canvas prints are produced with the image wrapped around the sides.

The pricing for canvas prints is exactly the same as my ArtPlaq print options, so if you would like to order a Canvas print, please check out and purchase the ArtPlaq option in the print size you'd prefer, then immediately contact me to let me know that you want a Canvas print instead.

Traditional Framed Prints

Due to the variety and custom nature of framing, I do not have framed display options listed for sale in the galleries on this website. If you would prefer a basic fine art print to have custom framed at your local frame shop, I offer loose prints (as described above) printed on the beautiful Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag heavyweight fine art paper.

Custom Prints and Sizes

If you need a print size that is not listed for sale here, that's not a problem - please contact me to request a custom size.

I can also provide customized print display presentations such as triptych panels and wall murals. Please contact me for more information.

To Place an Order:

First find the photo(s) you love the most from my gallery pages.

You can order prints directly from each photo's page (if that photo is for sale) by scrolling down beneath the photo to see the print options. Choose your desired framing/mounting option, add it to your shopping cart, then check out securely with a credit card or via PayPal.

Custom-size prints other than the sizes shown are available; please contact me for details.

Free Domestic Shipping

I offer free shipping on all print orders within the U.S.

The prints are packaged securely, shipped insured via FedEx, and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. In the rare event of a print damaged in shipping, please let me know immediately and a replacement will be sent asap.

Print orders are shipped within 3-4 weeks of purchase date. In the event that I am unable to ship your order within these timeframes, you will be notified of the expected ship date and offered a refund if you choose not to wait.

If you are in a hurry and need a print SOON, I can do a rush order for you to receive the print within about a week. Rush orders do incur an additional rush fee, usually around 50% extra. Please contact me first to ensure that I can get the print(s) to you in time, and to find out what the rush fee will be for the print(s) you want to order.

International Orders & Shipping

I offer free shipping for Metal, Acrylic, or Loose Print orders to 50 countries worldwide. Unfortunately I cannot offer free international shipping for the ArtPlaq mounted prints.

International print orders are produced by a reputable print shop based in Germany. These prints are also of the highest professional fine art quality, but may have slight differences compared to my equivalent American-produced prints. Specifically:

  • Acrylic-glass mounted prints use a Fujiflex photo paper rather than the Lumachrome, and a different brand of acrylic glass.
  • Loose prints are made with Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper rather than the

    Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag paper. These two papers have very similar qualities, but the Hahnemühle has slightly more surface texture.

My international prints also do not have my logo on the back like the American-produced ones do. Finally, due to customs issues, international orders may come with an invoice or receipt that lists the production cost.

If you are an international customer and would like to order a Duraplaq print or would prefer the American-produced print product version, please contact me for a shipping quote.

Quality Guarantee & Return Policy

I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality of my prints. I offer a full refund (up to $10,000, and not including return postage) for any standard print* returned in new, undamaged condition within 30 days of receipt. The refund will be processed once I receive and inspect the returned print.

I will replace at no charge any print that has been damaged in transit, although that is highly unlikely.

* Please note that my refund policy does not apply to custom orders for items not listed for sale on my website, such as custom print sizes, triptychs, murals, custom framed prints, or canvas prints. All sales for such custom items are final.

Fine prints at the Skol Gallery in Ouray, Colorado
Prints at the Skol Gallery in Ouray, Colorado

Collector Feedback and Testimonials

"The prints arrived today, and they’re both gorgeous. The Elks pano, in particular, looks even richer than it did online. Thanks again — in addition to appreciating your great eye, I’ve found it a pleasure to do business with you — production, shipping, communication are all fabulous." - Michael, ND

"Fantastic!! I don’t have the words to express the awe that we all experienced. What a piece of artwork!" - Kevin, CO

"I just wanted to say that the photographs arrived, and they are gorgeous. We couldn't be happier." - Jacqueline, CO

"...the print I ordered from you is now proudly displayed in my office. Thank you for your skills and talent which brought one of my favorite places in the natural world to my sometimes stale office environment. It has put a smile on my face!" - Steven, CA

"I received the print today. It is gorgeous!!! It arrived in perfect condition, great packaging, and the quality and weight of the paper is wonderful as well. Thanks so much, I am thrilled!" - Heidi, NH

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with our photographs. We have a had several different people over in the last week and everyone has commented on how beautiful they are. Thank you for sharing your work and allowing us to view this beautiful part of Colorado every day. We are amazed how you capture the scenery and make others feel like they are there too. I know we will be purchasing more in the future." - Andrea, CO

"The print arrived today, and it's absolutely breathtaking. Absolutely love it, the colors are stunning." - Garrett, AL

"My two prints came today via Fedex. Everything was fine in shipping, and the pictures and [plexi] mounts are gorgeous! Thanks so much" - Wes, TX

"I got the print today! I am thrilled it looks great. Thanks again!" - Tim, FL

"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful panorama of Mt. Sneffels and for getting it to me before Christmas. My husband loves the photo and it is now hanging in his office." - Betsy, NY

"Got the prints today--they're awesome. Thank you!" - Kent, IA

"Just wanted to let you know the print is hanging in our family room and looks great! We get a lot of compliments on it. Thanks for everything." - Mandy, PA

"I can't tell you how excited I was to get my picture today… WE LOVE OUR SNEFFELS RANGE PICTURE, so cool to see this in real life after viewing this image dozens of times over the years." - Cheri, CO

"Thanks for the great service on the order – my parents were impressed with how well packaged the print was and loved the photo itself!" - Mike, WI

"I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to have my print hanging in my living room, and I look forward to not only acquiring more of your prints in the future." - Andy, NY

"I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful art photography that you sent us. All the pictures that we ordered are gorgeous and were above and beyond our expectations." - Terry, CO

"We just [received the print] and the event host "love, love, loves" the piece (a direct quote)." Darci, CA

"I got the picture in the mail. It is beautiful. It was a pleasure doing business with you Jack." - Mark, CO

"Thank you so much for the beautiful picture… my fiancé loves it!! It just so happens we were in Ouray about the same time you took the picture that I bought. It really made an amazing present and preserves the memory of our trip." - Katherine, TX

"Got the pic hung this past weeekend and I have to tell you it looks great. Thanks for doing such a great job." - Carole, CO

"The photo arrived. It looks great, hangs well and is getting complements." - Scott, Alberta, Canada

"I received your photograph today, and it has transformed my office. I don't mind telling you I did a lot of research looking for just the right artwork for my office, and your work jumped out at me. Plenty of people can photograph spectacular subject matter, but you've truly got talent. I'd be happy to decorate my home, office, and anywhere else with these photographs. Thank you so much and keep taking pictures." - Dave, MS

"The print arrived in great shape and is a classic photo print! I appreciate the fast service and I'm very pleased with my order. Thank you." - Rollin, MT

"The picture arrived safe and sound and I'm very impressed. The photo is perfect, just how I remembered the mountain. I love the wall mount and can't wait to put it up. Thanks again for everything Jack, I love the finished product." - Joel, Queensland, Australia

"Your magnificent photo got a fine spot in my parents living room. It makes an excellent impression there and is greatly admired by my parents (and friends), who were quite perplexed about the wonderful effect it makes on their home (and their souls)" - Silke, CA

"We received the picture - it is beautiful. Thank you both for your awesome customer service and prompt turn-around on getting the picture to us in a timely manner." - Dee, CO

"Your photos look absolutely lovely on our lobby wall and match well with our furniture. Your photography was the hit of our open house office party! The photos arrived in perfect condition and the framer greatly appreciated your professional mounting. Thank you so much for working with me on such short notice." - Christy, OR

"I got the print today, and I absolutely LOVE it!" - Mandy, NE

"Looks gorgeous as expected! Thanks. Will be ordering larger prints soon." - Henri, TX

"Jack, thought I would let you know--the photo came on time and was the perfect wedding gift for our special friends--it was so beautiful--thank you so much !!" - Elaine, OK

"We are thrilled with your photographs. They really make a terrific statement in our family room. Thanks for working with us to make this happen." - Steve, AZ

"We are thrilled with [the print], and it has pride of place in our living room here in Sydney. Plenty of friends and family ask where it is, so it definitely catches the eye." - Alex, Sydney, Australia

"Print came back from frame shop, and it is absolutely beautiful. Magical shot well done." - Wendy, New South Wales, Australia

"I'm delighted to say that the print arrived in good order. I'm very impressed with the service - to the UK and in time for Christmas." - Mark, UK

"Got the photograph today. Everything went great - delivery worked out, and we got it hung okay. Looks great in our house!" - Kent, CO

"The picture arrived and it is beautiful. My son and daughter-in-law are so pleased with their choice. I appreciate your effort to get it to us before the holidays." - Kathy, OK

"The print is spectacular! It's even more vibrant in person!" - Katherine, CA

"Just received the photo. Looks terrific! Thank you so much." - Emma, NJ

"Absolutely delighted. Your print is now hung on the wall... [and we are] absolutely thrilled with it. Looks great. I can tell you I looked at a lot of photographers' work... but your photographs surpassed them all without breaking the bank!!" - Ann, UK

"So happy with the print - the metallic print is definitely eye-popping and we really love it above our mantle! Amazed at how light it is as well! Thanks again!!!! Our fourth print and we're just as happy with this addition to our home!" - Mindy, VA

"Jack, I wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the Aspen metallic print. It arrived today in perfect condition and looks amazing." - Stuart, VA

"We received our print this past Friday and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you! I couldn’t be happier with the result and look forward to ordering more prints in the future." - Christina, GA

"The first print is stunning, I’m so excited to have another in our home." - Tom, CA

"Thank you so much, Jack, for the [quick] delivery! Pics are up and are amazing! Appreciate you going the extra mile (pun intended! You’ve definitely gone a few miles! Happy trails!" - Terry, CO

"I received your print. I totally LOVE it! Just to let you know, the quality of the print, the framing, and the packing were all world-class. Consistent with the quality of your photographs. Thanks for being excellent!" - Kelly, GA

"I don’t think my pic adequately captures how amazing your photo looks in my room. But I wanted to share how pleased I am... Thank you for sharing your gifts... it gives me great joy to just sit in front of this breathtaking photo!!" - Angela, CO

"We received the print and it is hanging on the wall. It is beautiful. Thank you!" - Joy, CO

"Just to let you know the prints arrived safe and sound... As I suspected, they look awesome! Absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that you'll see I've ordered another four photographs! Thanks so much for the great pictures! You're a talented man." - Aimee, UK

"Opened [the print] up first thing this morning....I almost cried (in the best way!!). I knew it was going to be even better in person....and I wanted you to know I am absolutely gobsmacked! Your work is stunning and I so glad to have these on my walls. I will continue to share your site with those who comment! " - Angela, CO

"The print arrived this morning in perfect condition. It’s spectacular! Thanks very much." - Danni, PA

"The print arrived today, in excellent condition and looks beautiful. We’re delighted with the picture and it will bring a MUCH needed pop of color into his office." - Paula, TX

"Our print arrived and looks great. Thank you for the great photo, the quality mounting and the good packing!" - Joel, TX

"Truly spectacular. The packaging was so tight and scientific I think one must get a Ph.D before they are allowed to ship one of your mighty creations." - Alec, TX

"I have hung the photo, it turned out better than I could have hoped! It truly is amazing, the Duraplaq is superb for this." - Caroline, CO

"Just a quick note to tell you how much we love our new photo! It’s up and now the centerpiece of our family’s favorite room!" - Becky, CO

"The photograph arrived today, in good shape and looking fantastic! Thank you so much. One picture of the glory of God!" - Connie, CO

"Just wanted to let you know I couldn't be happier with the photos - they look unreal! Blown away!" - Stuart, CO

"The print just arrived. It looks fabulous -- and is really beautifully mounted. It'll be a nice reminder of the mountains for the 10 months out of the year I'm stuck in North Dakota. Thanks again!" - Mike, ND

"Received my print! Beautiful, thank you. It will fire my fond memories the rest of my life." - Ralph, CO

"Received and in perfect condition. The print is spectacular, and just what we wanted." - Wendy, CO

"We received our spectacular print today! Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us." - Lindsay, CO

"I received my beautiful print... I’m crazy about it, thank you!! I also appreciate the care taken with packaging - it gives me great piece of mind knowing my future orders will make the journey well protected." - Stacy, AZ

"Just a note of thanks for all of your help with our acrylic print order... We love the print and it evokes an incredible sense of beauty and relaxation in our bedroom. The acrylic quality was excellent and the packaging was also impressive!" - Lauren, CT

"Got [the print] this morning! Oh boy did it give us both a huge grin! We are so stoked to hang it. Thanks for the amazing work and the great communication!" - Brenda, CO

Gift Certificates

Artwork Gift Certificate

Do you want to gift a beautiful fine art print to a friend or loved one, but don't have enough time for last minute production and delivery? Or maybe you aren't sure what photo to pick and would like to let them choose?

No problem! I offer gift certificates here.

Wall Murals

Mountain Wall Mural

In addition to my fine art prints, I also offer custom-sized, ready-to-install wall murals! These immersive murals bring a large dose of natural ambiance and colorful beauty into your home, office, restaurant, retail space, or care center.

Since every wall size is unique, these wall murals are custom printed to exactly match your wall space. The murals are printed on a sturdy vinyl material with a lightly textured matte surface that displays excellent clarity and vibrant color without any distracting shine or reflections. The vinyl material features an adhesive back that sticks to the wall securely but not permanently, allowing for easy installation. Large murals will come in overlapping panels with marked match-points so you can easily align them in place, with the seam nearly invisible.

Read more about the murals, ordering, installation, and pricing here.